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Latarjet Procedure

Shoulder surgery for shoulder dislocation

latarjet procedure | shoulder surgeon Perth

What is the Latarjet procedure?

The Latarjet procedure is a brilliant improvement on an operation that has been around for half a century. It is an operation to stabilise your shoulder and prevent shoulder dislocation.

It involves taking a bone graft from the front of the shoulder blade and attaching it to the front of your shoulder joint socket.

Laterjet Procedure explained by Dr David Colvin, Orthopaedic Surgeon in Perth

latarjet procedure | shoulder surgeon Perth

What is so clever about the Latarjet procedure?

latarjet procedure | shoulder surgeon PerthThe Latarjet procedure is a “triple play”. It prevents shoulder dislocations in three ways.

Firstly, your orthopaedic surgeon will use a bone graft from the shoulder blade to build up the bone at the front of the shoulder socket. This additional bone works as a bumper bar preventing further dislocations.

Secondly, the transferred bone graft has a tendon still attached to it. The tendon is repositioned so that it runs across the front of the shoulder acting as a sling and further preventing dislocation.

The final part of the operation is to repair the torn labrum and tighten the capsule.

Because it works in three different ways, the Latarjet procedure has proven to be the most successful treatment for shoulder dislocation. The Latarjet procedure is an open shoulder stabilisation. It’s done through a vertical cut on the front of the shoulder.

latarjet procedure | shoulder surgeon Perth

When should you consider open shoulder stabilisation surgery?

latarjet procedure | shoulder surgeon PerthDr Colvin in Perth is likely to advise the Latarjet procedure if you have had frequent episodes of dislocation and shoulder instability.

It is also the best operation if you have had a previous arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation which has re-dislocated.

The Latarjet procedure is our go-to operation for high demand patients. It’s the operation of choice for AFL footballers and any athlete involved in contact sport.

It is also the preferred procedure if you have a physically demanding job which requires working in an overhead position.

latarjet procedure | shoulder surgeon Perth

CO.RE Exercises

CO.RE Exercises | shoulder surgeon PerthIn the field of shoulder and knee reconstruction, successful outcomes from an operation are 50% surgery and 50% rehabilitation. You could say the surgery is the easy bit, the rehabilitation is all hard slog.

Dr Colvin’s CO.RE exercise programs are just that, a core plan for your successful recovery.

latarjet procedure | shoulder surgeon Perth

Rehabilitation after a Latarjet procedure

Open shoulder stabilisation surgery is a major joint reconstruction, and the recovery does take many months.

You will require a sling for the first six weeks while the bone graft heals. The great thing about the Latarjet procedure is the recovery is as quick or sometimes quicker than arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation surgery.

This is because the bone graft is held onto the shoulder socket with metal screws which provide very secure fixation.

Professional athletes are returning to competitive sport as early as four months post surgery, something we would previously have found unachievable. You can use Dr Colvin’s Latarjet rehabilitation program.

latarjet procedure | shoulder surgeon Perth

Make an appointment to discuss your needs

Open shoulder stabilisation is a more invasive surgical procedure than arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation. There are some additional risks, but there are also significant advantages.

Dr Colvin, your Perth based orthopaedic surgeon will make sure you are fully informed of the pros and cons of the Latarjet procedure before making your surgical treatment decision. Call 08 9489 8788 to make an appointment.

latarjet procedure | shoulder surgeon Perth

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