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AC Joint Reconstruction

Shoulder surgery for acromioclavicular dislocation

AC joint reconstruction | shoulder surgeon Perth

What is AC Joint Reconstruction?

Acromioclavicular Joint Reconstruction surgery is required to stabilise severe and unsightly AC joint dislocations.

When the AC joint is completely dislocated, it causes a highly visible bump at the end of the collarbone or clavicle. Minor injuries to the AC joint generally heal well and do not require shoulder surgery.

However, severe grade III injuries occur when the ligaments are completely torn. These shoulder injuries usually require AC joint reconstruction surgery.

AC joint reconstruction | shoulder surgeon Perth

AC Joint Reconstruction and the Weaver-Dunn procedure

AC joint reconstruction | shoulder surgeon PerthThere are many different surgical procedures that can be used to reconstruct a severe AC joint dislocation. The type of surgery recommended may depend on whether it is a recent or longstanding dislocation.

However the Modified Weaver-Dunn procedure is considered the gold standard. It is appropriate for all severe AC joint dislocations, even if they are longstanding.

AC joint reconstruction | shoulder surgeon Perth

What happens during the Weaver-Dunn procedure?

AC joint reconstruction | shoulder surgeon PerthWhen the AC joint is severely dislocated, the coracoclavicular ligaments holding the collar bone down, are completely torn. The end of the collarbone and the AC joint are also damaged.

The Weaver-Dunn procedure fixes both of these problems by removing some of the bone at the end of the collarbone and transferring a new ligament on to the end of the clavicle. This transferred ligament takes over the role of the torn ligament.

The Modified Weaver-Dunn procedure involves additional stabilisation using strong sutures passed through bone to hold the clavicle back down in place while the ligaments heal.

AC joint reconstruction | shoulder surgeon Perth

CO.RE Exercises

CO.RE Exercises | shoulder surgeon PerthIn the field of shoulder and knee reconstruction, successful outcomes from an operation are 50% surgery and 50% rehabilitation. You could say the surgery is the easy bit, the rehabilitation is all hard slog.

Dr Colvin’s CO.RE exercise programs are just that, a core plan for your successful recovery.

AC joint reconstruction | shoulder surgeon Perth

Rehabilitation after surgery

Following your surgery for AC Joint Reconstruction, you will be in a sling for six weeks. There are gentle exercises to do during the first six weeks but once you come out of the sling, a physiotherapy program will commence.

Dr Colvin has a detailed rehabilitation program for you to follow with the guidance of your therapist. Like any reconstructive operation, recovery will extend over many months.

AC joint reconstruction | shoulder surgeon Perth

Make an appointment to discuss your options

If you have an AC joint dislocation, there are important decisions to be made about whether surgery is required and what surgery is best for you.

When you contact orthopaedic surgeon Dr Colvin at the Western Orthopaedic Clinic in Subiaco Perth, he will be able to give you clear guidelines about what to expect with AC Joint Reconstruction and what rehabilitation will be required.

AC joint reconstruction | shoulder surgeon Perth

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