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Shoulder and knee surgeon | Dr David Colvin

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Hi, I am a Perth based orthopaedic surgeon that specialises in knee and shoulder surgery and sports injuries. I help patients who have been sidelined by knee or shoulder pain. From shoulder bursitis to rotator cuff repair, from knee arthroscopy to ACL reconstruction, my practice can help you with the treatment you need to get back into the game.

If your injury is work related I can help you navigate the challenges of the workers’ compensation scheme.

Knee surgeon Perth | Dr David Colvin

Knee surgeon Perth | Dr David Colvin

Knee conditions

Meniscus tear | Dr David Colvin

Meniscus tear

A meniscus tear is one of the most common knee injuries. When people talk about a torn cartilage or cartilage damage in the knee, they are usually referring to a torn meniscus. The meniscus is a piece of rubber cartilage that provides cushioning in the knee. There are two in each knee, one on the inner half and one on the outer half. They are shaped like the letter ‘C’.
ACL injury | Dr David Colvin

ACL injury

An ACL injury is one of the most common serious knee injuries and involves a complete tear or rupture to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL). The human knee is vulnerable to injury because it connects two very long bones, the femur (thigh bone) and the tibia (shin bone). These two long levers can exert incredible force at the knee joint.
Knee cap dislocation | Dr David Colvin

Knee cap dislocation

Knee cap dislocation, also known as patella dislocation, occurs when the knee cap is completely displaced out of its normal position. The knee cap runs in a groove on the front of the femur, called the trochlea. When the knee cap is knocked out of this groove, a dislocated patella always goes to the outer (lateral) side of the knee.
Sore knee cap | Dr David Colvin

Sore knee cap

A sore knee cap is a very common complaint in all age groups. One in three people experience knee cap pain at some stage. Typically this pain is experienced at the front of the knee. The knee cap, also known as the patella, with doctors referring to the type of pain as runners knee or “patellofemoral pain”. You may experience a grating sensation from the kneecap.

Shoulder surgeon Perth | Dr David Colvin

Shoulder surgeon Perth | Dr David Colvin

Shoulder conditions

Bursitis shoulder | Dr David Colvin

Bursitis shoulder

The shoulder joint has an incredible range of motion, more than any other joint in our body. The shoulder joint is also one of the most complex joints in your body. It’s made up of three bones and a multitude of muscles, tendons, and ligaments. What does it mean when you start to experience pain or stiffness in your shoulder? You could be suffering from shoulder bursitis.
Rotator cuff tear | Dr David Colvin

Rotator cuff tear

Shoulder pain is a common complaint in our community. For younger people, shoulder pain is usually the result of an accident or injury. In older patients, it can be a natural wear and tear process. A rotator cuff injury is a common cause of shoulder pain, and is due to a strain or tear in the muscles or tendons of your shoulder.
Dislocated shoulder | Dr David Colvin

Dislocated shoulder

A dislocated shoulder occurs when the ball of the shoulder joint is forced out of its socket. This dislocation may tear the shoulder capsule, known as a labral tear. The shoulder can dislocate both forwards (anterior dislocation) and backwards (posterior dislocation). Generally speaking, most shoulder dislocations are anterior dislocations.
AC joint dislocation | Dr David Colvin

AC joint dislocation

Acromioclavicular (AC) Joint Dislocation is usually caused by a direct fall onto the point of the shoulder. The shoulder blade (scapula) is forced downwards, and the collarbone (clavicle) pops up. It is a particularly common injury in contact sports and cycling. It can cause a visible bump on top of the shoulder.

Becoming a patient

Plan your care

We are located at Suite 213, 25 McCourt Street Subiaco (inside St John of God Subiaco Hospital). Paid parking is available at the hospital at the McCourt Street entrance, at the main hospital car park at Salvado Road, and there is street parking around the hospital.

You will be asked to complete a patient information form prior to your appointment or attend 15 minutes early to complete in the rooms.  We will be in contact about what investigations you have had done and if necessary, a pre-appointment MRI scan might be advised. 

Please bring a list of all your medications and any significant medical history.  Preparing a list of questions can be a good way to make sure all of your concerns are addressed on the day.

Ideally a referral from your GP is preferred as the GP coordinates your health care and is aware of your medical conditions.  We do accept referrals from allied health specialists including physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors.

If you do not have a referral, you cannot access Medicare rebates for your treatment.

Dr Colvin participates with all health funds on the known gap scheme which means your out of pocket expense for surgery is capped.  Unfortunately, some funds do not have a known gap scheme but you can change funds before surgery with substantial savings.  Health funds are constantly changing their agreements with surgeons.  Feel free to contact the office in advance to discuss.

Rotator cuff shoulder surgeon Perth

Rotator cuff repair

A rotator cuff tear is a very common injury causing shoulder pain and disturbed sleep.

When it comes to rotator cuff repair, surgery is only half the battle. The success of shoulder surgery depends on getting the rehabilitation right.

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