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AC Joint Dislocation

Acromioclavicular dislocation of the collarbone

AC joint dislocation | shoulder surgeon Perth

What is AC Joint Dislocation?

Acromioclavicular (AC) Joint Dislocation is usually caused by a direct fall onto the point of the shoulder. The shoulder blade (scapula) is forced downwards, and the collarbone (clavicle) pops up. It is a particularly common injury in contact sports and cycling.

AC joint dislocation | shoulder surgeon Perth

The signs and symptoms for an AC Joint Dislocation

AC joint dislocation | shoulder surgeon PerthA visible lump where the end of the collarbone is displaced upwards stretching the skin.What to look for with an AC Joint Dislocation:
  • Pain at the end of the collarbone or on top of the shoulder.
  • Pain aggravated by heavy lifting or lifting the arm overhead
  • Swelling on top of the shoulder

AC joint dislocation | shoulder surgeon Perth

CO.RE Exercises

shoulder bursitis | shoulder surgeon PerthIn shoulder and knee reconstruction, successful outcomes from an operation are 50% surgery and the other half is rehabilitation. So you could say the surgery is the easy bit, and the rehabilitation is all hard slog.

Dr Colvin’s CO.RE exercise programs are just that: a core plan for your successful recovery.

AC joint dislocation | shoulder surgeon Perth

How do we diagnose an AC Dislocation?

AC joint dislocation | shoulder surgeon PerthSevere AC joint injuries can be diagnosed clinically. There is a very obvious bump or deformity at the end of the collarbone.

Less severe injuries can be diagnosed by X-ray and sometimes via an MRI.

AC joint dislocation | shoulder surgeon Perth

The three grades for AC injuries

A three-point grading system is used to classify AC Joint Dislocation.

Grade I

  • This is a mild sprain of the AC joint. There is no significant displacement to the collarbone (clavicle). The main ligaments holding the clavicle down, are intact.

Grade II

  • A moderately severe injury to the AC joint. There is some upward displacement of the clavicle which may or may not be visible on examination. The coracoclavicular ligaments are sprained but not completely torn.

Grade III

  • A severe dislocation with complete separation of the joint. There is a very obvious deformity with the end of the clavicle clearly popping upwards. The coracoclavicular ligaments are completely torn.

AC joint dislocation | shoulder surgeon Perth

AC Joint Dislocation with Dr Colvin

The grade of an AC injury will determine its treatment. Grade I and Grade II injuries are usually treated nonoperatively by your orthopaedic surgeon.

Many patients with Grade III AC Joint Dislocations opt for early surgical reconstruction. If not treated surgically the bump is permanent and it may also be cosmetically unacceptable. The majority of Grade III AC joint dislocations typically remain painful without surgical treatment.

Dr Colvin will discuss the pros and cons of AC joint reconstruction with you thoroughly. If you need an experienced orthopaedic surgeon to assist with your AC Joint Dislocation in Perth, call 08 9489 8788

AC joint dislocation | shoulder surgeon Perth

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