Shoulder Surgeon Perth for arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation

Arthroscopic Shoulder Stabilisation

Keyhole shoulder surgery for shoulder dislocation

arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation | shoulder surgeon Perth

What is Arthroscopic Shoulder Stabilisation?

Arthroscopic Shoulder Stabilisation is a minimally invasive operation which allows Dr Colvin to correct instability of the shoulder joint.

The procedure, sometimes referred to as arthroscopic labral repair, is performed to stop the ball of the shoulder joint from coming out of its socket. It’s performed as keyhole surgery to treat shoulder dislocation.

arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation | shoulder surgeon Perth

Why do I need Arthroscopic Shoulder Stabilisation?

shoulder arthroscopy | shoulder surgeon PerthA shoulder dislocation usually tears the labrum, which is a rim of cartilage around the socket of the shoulder joint.

Repeated shoulder dislocation also stretches the shoulder joint capsule. Arthroscopic Stabilisation surgery repairs the torn labrum back to the bone and tightens the stretched capsule.

arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation | shoulder surgeon Perth

What happens during the procedure?

arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation| shoulder surgeon PerthTo undertake Arthroscopic Shoulder Stabilisation surgery, Dr Colvin will make a small incision. This incision, which is about one centimetre long, allows the arthroscope to be inserted through the skin and into the shoulder joint.

Once the arthroscope is in the shoulder joint, he will be able to see the inside of the joint on a large screen and identify the labral tear and any other damage to the shoulder joint.

Once the torn labrum is identified, your orthopaedic surgeon will make two more incisions to allow the insertion of instruments and anchors to repair the labrum back to the bone.

The anchors are small plastic screws with sutures attached. At the end of the procedure, the incisions are closed with sutures and tape, and a waterproof dressing is applied.

arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation | shoulder surgeon Perth

CO.RE Exercises

CO.RE Exercises | shoulder surgeon PerthIn the field of shoulder and knee reconstruction, successful outcomes from an operation are 50% surgery and 50% rehabilitation. You could say the surgery is the easy bit, the rehabilitation is all hard slog.

Dr Colvin’s CO.RE exercise programs are just that, a core plan for your successful recovery.

arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation | shoulder surgeon Perth

What happens after the procedure?

When you wake up after surgery, you will have a sling on, and that stays in place for six weeks. Pain medications are prescribed to keep you comfortable.

A physiotherapist will see you in hospital a day after surgery to start early movement and prevent the shoulder from becoming too stiff.

Dr Colvin will give you one of his personalised rehabilitation protocols for the best results from your Arthroscopic Stabilisation Surgery.

Arthroscopic Stabilisation has some significant benefits over Open Shoulder Stabilisation (also known as a Latarjet procedure). It’s minimally invasive surgery which means the risk of complications is lower, the pain is reduced, and this allows for a shorter stay in hospital.

arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation | shoulder surgeon Perth

Get your shoulder instability sorted.

Shoulder instability and shoulder pain will stop you from enjoying life to the full. Getting treatment for your dislocated shoulder will allow you to get back to work and sport without shoulder pain.

If you are in Perth and need to make an appointment with an experienced orthopaedic surgeon, call 08 9489 8788 to see Dr David Colvin at our practice, at SJOG Subiaco.

arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation | shoulder surgeon Perth

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A dislocated shoulder is a common injury. Your shoulder joint is the most mobile joint in your body and allows the arm to move in many directions during everyday life. Due to this incredible flexibility, your shoulder joint is at risk of becoming unstable.
The shoulder can be overtly unstable and dislocate as a single episode or repeatedly. Less obvious is shoulder subluxation where the ball is loose within the socket but does not actually dislocate.
The Latarjet procedure has been around for half a century. It is an operation to stabilise your shoulder and prevent shoulder dislocation. It involves taking a bone graft from the front of the shoulder blade and attaching it to the front of your shoulder joint socket.

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