Exercise Programs

Rehabilitation programs developed by Dr David Colvin, exclusively for his patients. 
David is an orthopaedic surgeon trained in Perth. He is specialised in knee and shoulder surgery and sports injuries.

rehab protocols

Colvin Rehab

In shoulder and knee reconstruction, successful outcomes from an operation are 50% surgery and the other half is rehabilitation. You could say the surgery is the easy bit and the rehabilitation is all hard slog!

My CO.RE exercise programs are just that. A core plan for your successful recovery.  They are not meant to replace your physical therapist.  The plans are comprehensive but can have equivalent exercises substituted. We all have our favourite “go to” exercises.  For me, I just love Romanian dead lifts and Bulgarian split squats.  Not just for the exotic sounding names.

All the plans are written in progressive phases.  Some of the timelines are flexible, but do not accelerate unless we have discussed it first.  The exercises programs are designed so they can be done at home.  Minimal equipment is required and you do not need a gym.

Prehab is the new buzz word in orthopaedics.  If you have shoulder or knee surgery coming up, you should think about doing Prehab. Go to the Rehab exercise program for the procedure you're having and familiarise yourself with the exercises. Then start working at the most advanced stage you can manage. It does get results. 

Each plan is written around the core orthopaedic rehabilitation concepts of stretching and strengthening

CO.RE KNEE - rehab protocols

CO.RE Shoulder - rehab protocols


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